Sixth Form Admissions

Students intending to follow A/S or BTec Level 3 courses need an average points score of at least 38, calculated by allocating 58 points for an A*, 52 for an A and falling by 6 points for each grade. To calculate add your maths and English scores with your best 6 subjects and divide by eight.  There is an expectation that all students will work hard with a minimum of 16 hours per week of private study being the expectation for Level 3 study.

Prospectuses and application forms are issued in January along with the sixth form information evenings at both The Highfield and Fearnhill schools which provides information about the sixth form in general and subjects in particular. There are individual interviews with all Year 11 students after the receipt of your application forms.  Applications have to be submitted in February. Letters of conditional offers are issued in May/June and at the beginning of July there is an induction week for the students entering the Sixth Form in September.