Leadership and Management 2017-2018

Improvement Focus: The effectiveness of leadership and management
Target LM1: To embed a culture of excellence and high expectations that is understood by all members of the Fearnhill School community
Lead Person and Governors: LE, Full Governing Body
  • Governors effective in all aspects of their role.
  • Best use of resources with programme of continuous improvement of premises and additional funding improving student outcomes.
  • Leadership at all levels demonstrates consistent commitment to excellent curriculum design and implementation, rigorously monitored.
  • Behaviour and attendance figures improved to match top 10% of similar schools
  • High quality CPD and appraisal for all teaching and support staff, developing leadership capacity and promoting effective practice.
  • Actions arising from external review of governance carried out, with follow up check confirming good practice in place.
  • New roofing and heating projects successfully completed
  • School budget planning process rigorously monitored to continue to reduce deficit and develop income generation opportunities
  • Work with middle leaders to exemplify and share best practice, raising all leaders’ understanding and delivery of their role to the level of the best.
  • Curriculum vision of ‘The Fearnhill Student’ embedded through work by senior middle leaders, pastoral team and all stakeholders, verified through rigorous monitoring and feedback.
  • Curriculum Working Group to promote the development of challenging schemes of learning and ensure clear transition pathways for all students through all key stages.
  • Behaviour and attendance strategy revised and new processes understood and implemented by all.
  • New assessment system embedded so that high aspiration is standard for all
  • CPD programme for support staff developed to match strategic priorities for the school and offer career progression.
  • Review the requirement to teach RE and CWG to ensure implementation of the Hertfordshire Agreed Syllabus of Religious Education 2017-2022, and ensure statutory requirements are met at all key stages (KL)
Review Criteria
  • Governance judged externally to be good, summer 2018
  • Budget on improving deficit reduction trend
  • Parental, staff and student feedback confirms understanding of and support for ‘The Fearnhill Student’
  • Engagement by students in extracurricular activities shown to be very high (above 80%), including vulnerable groups
  • Attendance and behaviour figures improved as per ‘outcomes’ above
  • Parental and student feedback shows assessment system is understood by all, promotes achievement and ensures high aspiration for all.
  • A coherent description of the school’s approach for RE to be documented, showing how the provision planned meets statutory requirements.


Improvement Focus: The effectiveness of leadership and management
Target LM2: To ensure student outcomes continue on a rising trend as a result of rigorous, consistent monitoring and evaluation and timely intervention.
Lead Person and Governors: LE, KL, Standards Committee
  • Raised achievement at KS5 to secure an ALPS 3 rating.
  • Embedded new pastoral and inclusion system with improved attendance and behaviour, especially for vulnerable groups to match top 10% of similar schools.
  • New assessment model fully understood by all stakeholders and data driven improvement central to all school processes.
  • Targeted and specific intervention shows clear trend of improvement, especially for vulnerable groups.
  • Pattern evident of rigorous monitoring leading to precise and effective intervention for underperforming students and groups.
  • New model of inclusion is embedded, positively evaluated by staff and progress by SEND students matches or exceeds that of other groups.
  • Improve leadership at KS5 through increased capacity, use of appraisal targets and closely monitored action plan.
  • Revised practices in place for managing vulnerable students and reducing FTEs.
  • Introduce M&E calendar for middle leaders, directly linked to improvement plan targets and closely monitored.
  • Introduce standardised calendar of actions for department meetings, to ensure progress towards targets and the sharing of best practice.
  • Embed standard proforma for interim progress reports.
  • Ensure all data management is fit for purpose, with new assessment system and subject specifications.
Review Criteria
  • M&E calendar for middle leaders adhered to and consistency of practice evident across all departments, shown through MLT meeting minutes, sharing of best practice and CPD evaluations.
  • Leadership at KS5 improved, demonstrated through action plan implementation, appraisal outcomes, external validation and increased recruitment to sixth form compared to 2016-17, especially in Level 2 courses.
  • ALPS 3 rating, summer 2018.
  • Student outcomes for all groups match or exceed those at top 10% of similar schools.
  • P8 score is neutral or positive at KS4.
  • Consistency of approach evident in intervention records and progress by students across different subjects.
  • Accurate predictions of outcomes by subject leaders across all departments.
  • Progress by students at KS3 is good as a result of rigorous monitoring and timely, precise intervention.


Improvement Focus: The effectiveness of leadership and management
Target LM:3 To sustain the successful growth of Fearnhill School.
Lead Person and Governors: LE, FGB
  • Parental engagement on a rising trend.
  • Understanding by all of the ‘Fearnhill Student’, shown by high levels of engagement with extracurricular activities.
  • Positive perception by community through outreach/marketing and rising school roll: 90+ recruited to Year 7, September 2018, with sustained rising trend in first preferences (50% increase 2016-17).
  • Successful recruitment to post 16 Level 2 courses – two pathways in place with sustainable group numbers, as well as 75% of total of Year 11 staying on into Year 12.
  • Premises improvements complete.
  • Friends of Fearnhill established and raising funds for an identified school improvement project.
  • Sustainable financial model in place, leading to academisation process explored and plans agreed. Fearnhill to be engaged with MAT with clear timescale for academisation, leading to enhanced profile of Fearnhill in LGC and beyond.
  • Second stage of marketing plans implemented (primary liaison, environmental improvements, social media and local press coverage).
  • Promotion of FoF with diary of events across year.
  • Implement recommendations of external review of governance to engage more community governors and develop local community profile.
  • Continue investigation into academisation process and decide on best MAT option for FHS.
  • Ensure Open Evening and follow up events are well publicised in local area.
  • Continued growth in engagement with NHTA and other external partners.
Review Criteria
  • Fearnhill academisation plan and timescale in place by September 2018
  • Increased numbers of Year 6 students choosing Fearnhill (as above)
  • Two viable vocational pathways running post 16 in September 2018, ensuring sustainable post 16 provision at FHS
  • Friends of Fearnhill (FoF) run three successful parent events and have raised four figure sum for school improvement.
  • Governance rated as ‘good’ in external follow up review