Holocaust Memorial Day 2018

The theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2018 is ‘The Power of Words’

Fearnhill students will be taking part in Holocaust Memorial Day . They will have the opportunity to hear a Holocaust survivor talking about his experiences. One of our year 9 students will have the honour of lighting one of the six candles that are lit as a key part of this ceremony.

This year Dame Alice Owen’s School will host the event. Created by students for students, our 350-strong audience will comprise seventeen schools from across Hertfordshire. In an act of remembrance, reflection and learning, eight secondary schools will perform using a variety of drama, film, music and readings. In addition, a commemorative memorial of student artwork will be also exhibited.

As a timely reminder, it explores the impact that words had in the Holocaust and in subsequent genocides – through propaganda used to incite, slogans written in resistance, memoirs written to record and words intended to challenge.

The words that we see and hear today – in newspapers, online, in conversations – are words that we choose to use and they all have an impact upon us and those around us. HMD 2018 will ask us to consider our responsibilities to recognise and actively respond, learn from the past and to create a safer, better future for our communities.