School Uniform for years 7-11


Compulsory School Uniform 
Fearnhill blazer1
Fearnhill jumper1 (optional)
White button neck shirt (long or short sleeved)
House tie2
Fearnhill skirt2* or black trousers
Socks – black or grey with trousers, white socks may be worn with a skirt
Tights – black or natural
Black leather / leather look shoes




Compulsory PE Uniform
Fearnhill polo shirt1  (either fitted or unisex)
Fearnhill PE shorts2
Fearnhill reversible outdoor top2 (BOYS)
Fearnhill hooded sweatshirt1  (GIRLS)
Fearnhill PE socks2
Additional optional PE kit is available online

Plain black tracksuit bottoms
base layer
Plain black woolly hat





*As of September 2017 the new tartan skirt will be compulsory for Yr7 and Yr 10 girls.  Girls in other year groups may wear the new tartan skirt.  By September 2018 the black skirt will have been phased out and been replaced with the tartan skirt.


  • 1These items carry the Fearnhill logo and must be bought from the online school uniform shop
  • 2These items are in the Fearnhill colours and only available from the online school uniform shop
  • The house tie is available in four colours from the online school uniform shop.
  • Trousers must be a polyester / polyester mix, they must NOT be denim, cotton or wool. Trousers must NOT be skin tight, skinny fit or have a split in the trouser leg.  No additions to the trousers such as decorated belts, buckles, lacing or labels are allowed.
  • Shoes must be leather / leather look and you must be able to polish them. NO trainers, canvas shoes, plimsolls or boots are allowed
  • Uniform can be ordered via
  • Free delivery to your home for orders over £50
  • Free delivery to school for all orders



  • No haircuts shorter than a Grade 2.
  • No tramlines, designs, or extreme hairstyles.
  • No unusual colouring, dyeing or highlighting.
  • Hair should be tidy, of sensible length and safe for school type activities.
  • Make-up should be minimal and discreet.
  • Ear piercing – one stud earring per ear.
  • No facial piercings will be permitted.
  • No body piercings are permitted.
  • No tattoos, temporary or permanent are permitted.
  • No ear expanders will be permitted.
  • No jewellery other than that of religious significance is permitted. This must be removed for PE lessons on safety grounds.
  • Skirts must be regulation length to the knee.
  • All items of clothing MUST be clearly marked with the student name, so that lost property can be quickly returned to owners.