Fearnhill Canteen Menu and Price List

Canteen menu and price list

Main Menu and Prices

Meal of the Day £2.30 Flavoured Milk carton 70p
Jacket potatoes 70p Aqua Juice (small) 70p
£1.50 (with hot filling) Aqua Juice (large) £1.00
£1.30 (with cold filling) Pure Juice Carton 55p
Baked Beans 65p Capri Sun 70p
Cheese 65p Still Mineral Water 55p
Tuna 65p Milk 50p
Chicken Joe's £1.75 Jelly 65p
Boxed Pasta Salad £1.50    Mousse 65p
Sandwiches from   £1.45 Yoghurt from 65p
Baguettes £1.80 Fruit Salad £1.00
Wraps £1.60 Fresh Fruit from 40p
Filled Bagel £1.50    
Bread Roll and Butter 30p    


Breakfast Club Menu
Served from 8:00 to 8:40 in the Coffee Shop

Toast, 2 Slices 70p
Toasted Tea Cakes 50p
Fresh Fruit from 40p
Yoghurt from 65p
Cereals & milk 70p
Crumpet Tba