Exam Results 2017

Examination Entry Policy

All students will be entered for public examinations appropriate to their ability in all courses which they have studied.  This applies throughout the 14-19 age-range.  On rare occasions, students may not sit an examination because they have special educational needs and an examination cannot be found which will provide them with a positive outcome.

The tables on the following tabs show that nearly all students are entered for: at least nine subjects in GCSE; at least three subjects at A/AS Level; and the full range of modules in vocational courses.

Interpreting School Examination Results

Parents and students look at the examination results of a school to assess how “good” that school is, but getting the full meaning from a school’s results is not an easy business.

Factors beyond the control of the school, such as a varying ability profile from year to year may affect the quality of results for that year.  It is most valuable to look at the progress students have made against their starting points, and this is now the way that all schools’ performance is measured.

Finally, a school is far more than the sum of its examination results.  We hope that you will consider the whole educational experience on offer at Fearnhill, where we have a history not only of growing academic success but also of producing well-rounded individuals with the skills, knowledge and personal attributes to be successful global citizens.

Exam Results 2017