English & Languages Faculty- Meet the Team

Meet The English & Languages Staff


The English & Languages Faculty Name Position Email Address
Kathryn Thorn (Whitfield) 2nd in English kathryn.thorn10@fearnhill.herts.sch.uk
Anne Corbishley Teacher of English anne.corbishley10@fearnhill.herts.sch.uk
Mark Sheridan English Teacher mark.sheridan10@fearnhill.herts.sch.uk
Joanne Hughes Trainee English Teacher joanne.hughes10@fearnhill.herts.sch.uk
Craig Lowe Teacher of English
Teacher of English
Elizabeth Tarbutton English Intervention Teacher elizabeth.tarbutton10@fearnhill.herts.sch.uk
Margarita Davies Subject Leader in Modern Foreign Languages margarita.davies10@fearnhill.herts.sch.uk
Sam Franklin Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages samantha.franklin10@fearnhill.herts.sch.uk
Rebecca Thurlby Inclusion Leader
in English & MFL
Ryan Wilkinshaw Inclusion Support Assistant