Donations Needed

Last year I made an appeal for help to give the kids in Lister hospital over Christmas gifts via a collection at my husbands work, Specialist BMW in Stevenage. Well, this year they are doing the same again 

If anyone would like to support the cause (no obligation at all) and help Santa visit the wards, I am asking if the following would be possible. A donation an unopened, unwrapped toy for any age child, either gender, which I’ll put a collection box for in the staff room over the next couple of days to donate into. You can also hand in donations at the main office. According to my sister in law who spent a lot of time in Lister with my nephew (3 yrs of chemo but all well and good now) the best gifts are clean, tidy crafts like a sticker book or colouring, plastic or wooden puzzles or small lego sets that can be easily cleaned/ sterilised for the cancer patients to play with. Nothing big, pricey and extravagant is required.

Last year we managed to give over 50 gifts from friends, family and colleagues and I will make it very clear on the labelling which toys were donated from Fearnhill.

The deadline for donation is the 18th December, Santa will visit Lister on the 22nd of Dec.

 louise Fullard